Future WorkForce created a robot to process deferral of bank loans

  • 240 requests to defer payment of bank loans per hour processed by a Future WorkForce robot;
  • The solution integrates and processes the incoming requests on all the official channels made available by a bank for this purpose.

Future WorkForce start-up launches a solution that takes over payment deferral applications submitted to banks, assess them and then integrates all the details for faster and more efficient processing by the back-office employees of these institutions.

The robot can process up to 240 requests per hour collected from all the digital channels of a bank: online form integrated on the website, official e-mail address, chatbots, according to the procedures of the lending institution aligned with OUG 37/2020.

After the robot takes over the information submitted, it will validate the request in the bank’s systems and, after the final approval from the bank’s backoffice employees, it will provide an automatic response in up to 3 days.

Also, because the debtors’ requests can apply for several types of bank loans, the robot can differentiate between them and also redirect them to the appropriate channels for further processing.

The Future WorkForce solution is based on a set of technologies such as: automations developed with UiPath robots and integrations with internal systems via API. The solution allows robot-human interaction via an easily customizable interface.

Although this solution is a quick alternative for processing certain types of documents and information stipulated in OUG 37/2020, the applicability of the robot can be extended to other processes of a bank that involve contact center and backoffice activities.

In addition, with the help of Future WorkForce, algorithms can be incorporated that allow the structuring of information reaching the bank in a non-standard format, such as an email or a message sent via a web form.

The solution involves only the cost of implementation for the bank, as a client of Future WorkForce, and will be integrated into all the operating systems of the respective banking institution. Demos of the solution’s features are available upon request.

The Future WorkForce robot has already been integrated in two of the banks that are in this tech start-up’s portfolio.

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