First foreign distribution center of LPP Logistics opens near Bucharest

Located in CTPark Bucharest West, the largest industrial park in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the 65,000 sqm warehouse will strengthen LPP’s distribution network in Southern Europe.

The construction of the new distribution center by CTP’s in-house construction team began in January 2023, before LPP commenced the stocking of the facility and the first start-up logistics operations in December 2023.

Automation solutions will enable LPP Logistics to operate 450 stores at the same time and ship up to 6 million products per week to the Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian or Greek markets.

The LPP warehouse is also intended to support deliveries to the Romanian Fulfillment Center and to act as a cross dock hub for part of the deliveries from Poland.

The new facility will employ nearly 300 people of various specialisations. Two bays are planned for public transport, with a possibility to launch bus lines dedicated to employees.

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