Fielmann enters Slovenian market, after the acquisition of Optika Clarus

Fielmann acquires a 70% equity ownership stake in Optika Clarus, thereby adding the 14th European market in which the Group operates 
stores. The transaction is effective as of September 1, 2019. Both parties agreed to keep the financial terms of the transaction confidential.

With 26 optical stores and a unit market share of 30% Optika Clarus 
is the undisputed market leader in Slovenia. Within the Fielmann 
Group Slovenia is the country with the highest purchasing power (GDP 
per capita: 22.000 EUR) east of the Group’s Core Markets.

„Fielmann shapes the optical industry in Europe to the benefit of customers. With Optika Clarus we not only invest in the Slovenian market leader but also in a strictly customer-oriented business. With fashionable eyewear at the best prices, outstanding service and our digital capabilities we will transform the market to the benefit of Slovenian customers. In the long-term we plan to sell more than 100.000 glasses in Slovenia. This is a decisive step in our  internationalisation as defined in the Vision 2025”, says Marc Fielmann, CEO of Fielmann AG. „Until 2025 Fielmann is going to enter another four new markets through organic expansion and acquisitions”

Tihomir Krstic, founder of Optika Clarus, retains a 30% equity stake 
and remains involved in the business: „The digitisation and the internationalisation are the two key developments affecting our industry. With Fielmann Optika Clarus not only gains access to an international supply chain and a superior omnichannel business model but also wins a family business with values as a strategic partner. I am looking forward to growing Optika Clarus’ market leadership in Slovenia together with Fielmann.”

In 2019 Optika Clarus plans to open two new stores in Slovenia. In the mid-term the company plans to operate more than 30 stores across Slovenia.

About Fielmann

Fielmann stands for fashionable eyewear at fair prices. The stock-listed family business operates 742 stores, serves more than 24 million customers across 14 countries. In Germany the company sells every second pair. Fielmann covers the whole value chain of the optical industry, is designer, manufacturer and optical retailer.

About Optika Clarus

In 1989 Tihomir Krstic founded his first optical store with a special focus on children. Through fashionable, high-quality eyewear Optika Clarus became the market leader in Slovenia. Today Optika Clarus delivers services at the highest level to 250,000 customers in 26 stores across Slovenia. 

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