ESX reached over of 1 million euros in revenues last year


ESX has reached the business target of 1 million euros for last year and estimates a 4-fold increase in business up to 4 million euros this year.

Despite pandemic restrictions that continued into 2021, ESX ended last year with about 100,000 subscriptions sold and 600,000 tickets to partner gyms

For this year, the company expects a total of 2 million tickets to over 600 gyms in the ESX network and 250,000 subscriptions sold.

Sport and healthy lifestyle are two areas in continuous development, so the company developed partnerships with LifeBox, FoodKit, Fitness Chef, BeeFit.

In 2022 ESX wants to integrate AI and machine learning into databases, along lifestyle and behaviour of customers so it can predict possible diseases.

The company has an international expansion target, focusing on California (USA) and Southeast Europe, mainly Spain, Italy and Bulgaria.

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