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duminică | 31 mai | 2020

Economic outlook deteriorates worldwide

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Economic development is expected to deteriorate significantly from +32% currently to -5% worldwide MoneyBuzz! learned from Statista’s  „Global Economic Outlook (GEO) Score” new quarterly report. 

Measured on a scale from -100% and +100%, the global score reflecting the current economic situation, Q3 2019, is still positive with +32%. However, when discussing the next six months, it drops to -5% worldwide.

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The highest regional current satisfaction score is in the Americas at +44% and the lowest is in Europe at +15%. The score for the expected development within the next six months lowers globally. Overall, the most negative estimation for the future is found in Europe with -22% and the most positive is in Asia with +6%. 

The country-specific findings highlight this general switch to concern about the future economic situation but vary depending on the respective nation: In the US, a score of +58% for the current economic situation is quite positive, but it deteriorates heavily to -11% when considering the economic development for the next six months. 

In a similar pattern, Germany’s outlook drops from a current score of +69% to -35%. 

In the UK, a negative present satisfaction score of -34% goes from very bad to even worse with -54%. 

Things are different in Italy where the current situation is estimated negatively at -44% but the outlook is +8%, showing an expected improvement over the next six months. 

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