DriveNets and Tellence to double Bucharest R&D Team

DriveNets announced that they will double the Bucharest based team size, growing it from the current 50 to 100 by the end of 2020.

The center of excellence will strengthen the companies’ technological leadership in working with Tier 1 service providers to build their networks for the next 20 years.

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented traffic growth reported by service providers globally, it is expected that the need for high-scale low-cost networking solutions such as DriveNets Network Cloud solution will increase.

In September 2019 Tellence created a significant R&D center for DriveNets and have now successfully trained and integrated with the Israel based teams ahead of schedule. DriveNets and Tellence are now seeking software engineers with expertise in Networking, NFV/SDN & Cloud Solutions, Customer Support Engineers with deep understanding of Networking Routing & Switching protocols & Networking Quality Assurance Engineers.

Tellence is recruiting developers and support & QA engineers who are experienced in routing, Layer 2, BSP & scalable elastic Software architectures, state of the art web front-end & back-end solutions, DevOps, and QA – Manual & Automatons. It is also looking for domain experts in the following areas:

  • Protocols: BGP (UC,LU), IS-IS, OSPF, OPSF-TE, RSVP, LDP, VPN & MVPN;
  • FrontEnd: React, NodeJS, JS, CSS, UI/UX.
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