Dr. Fischer Dental acquires a second laboratory in Germany

Dr. Fischer Dental acquired a specialized laboratory in Monchengladbach, Germany. The investment amounts to EUR 70.000 to which are added the costs of taxes and legal fees (around EUR 10.000).

The new acquisition is part of the business strategy of the company that wants to develop abroad, and Germany, the largest market for dental services in Europe, is the preferred target for business growth in the next period.

The investment consisted in the acquisition of the goodwill of the new laboratory, which includes the assets, the customers and the team of 4 specialists who will continue their activity exactly as before the takeover.

Dr. Fischer Dental holds multiple certifications, including the German TÜV Zertifikat, offering prosthetic work at the highest standards.

Founded in 1995 by Dr. Antoaneta Fischer, a dentist who had extensive experience, accumulated in Berlin and Dusseldorf, the company has about 80 employees and offers all types of prosthetic works to its clients, dental offices and dental technical laboratories.

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