Digitail closed a $11M Series A funding round, led by Atomico

Iași based solution works with over 750 clinics worldwide serving around 1.4 million pets

Digitail, a platform that automates much of the admin veterinarians spend so much time on, announces the closure of a $11 million Series A funding round.

The round was led by Atomico, who join previous investors byFounders, Gradient, and Partech. Atomico Principal Andreas Helbig joins the Digitail board as part of the investment. 

Digitail will use this funding to further scale operations across US and Canada, continue its global expansion and to expand its product depth and feature range.

Accelerated by the pandemic, pet ownership across the world is currently booming, with the petcare market estimated to be worth $200 billion currently — and set to grow to over $300 billion by 2030. 

Along with this explosive growth in pet ownership comes increasing visits to the vet, for anything from regular checkups and advice to emergency procedures. But veterinarians are struggling to cope with this demand.

They are currently treating 30+ pets per day on average, equivalent to one every 15 minutes, which is contributing to capacity constraints and reports of increased burnout amongst staff.

For clinics, that means things like unsustainable schedules and staff burnout, missing charges and other financial problems which harm the vet practices’ profitability.

Since different elements of the petcare industry aren’t able to share data due to a lack of interoperable IT structures, key stakeholders such as clinics, specialists, and laboratories are not able to work together towards providing better medical outcomes.

Additionally, when pet owners move to different vet clinics, they lose all their pets’ health records, which is inefficient. 

How Digitail solves some of this problems?

Digitail platform digitises the administrative tasks of animal hospitals, from scheduling and record keeping, to inventory management, invoicing, and client communication.

Pet owners can also get medical summaries directly to the Digitail app, and can communicate directly with their veterinarian in just a few clicks, where records and feedback can be easily tracked by both parties.

Data is also shared via the platform so veterinarians can collaborate with their colleagues on records, customise assessment templates, and track all the important information about patients in one place.

This reduces administrative burden by 40-60%, equivalent to around 3 days per month of admin at a typical vet clinic in the US. That lets veterinarians free up the time to focus on delivering quality petcare, seeing roughly double the patients per day. 

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