Dacia Plant shareholders sold a majority stake to Ceres Pharma

Călin Ioan Ianţa and Radu Ionescu-Heroiu, the shareholders of Dacia Plant, signed the agreement for the sale of the majority stake to Belgian-based Ceres Pharma.

Dacia Plant is a wholly Romanian-owned company and one of the pioneers as well as a top three player in the development, production and distribution of qualitative and innovative natural food supplements in Romania.

Ceres Pharma is a pharmaceutical company, founded in 2017 by CEO Mario Debel and Alychlo, which was recently acquired in 2021 by Naxicap Partners.

The company is active in the development and distribution of drugs, medical devices, biocides, cosmetics, qualitative food supplements and pharmaceutical preparations in the Benelux and in Central and Eastern Europe.

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