launched its own premium delivery service

Starting from June, the online store offers its own delivery services to the customer’s home through Bonami Courier.

The premium service is currently available only in Bucharest.

The Bonami courier is an innovative service: we offer not only the delivery of oversized pieces of furniture to the customer’s home, but also the assembly, packaging and old piece of furniture collection, if necessary, said Pavel Vopařil, CEO of Bonami

In the context of the pandemic, the online store developed a portfolio of products, reaching 50.000 pieces, of which 25.000 are available in stock.

Bonami also bet on developing its own brand of premium garden products, Le Bonom.

Bonami is a member of the Miton group and was founded in 2012 by Václav Štrup. The company currently has 150 employees in its offices in Prague and 100 in the company’s warehouse.

The online store is present in 5 countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. All operations are carried out from the company’s headquarters in Prague.

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