Average budget for gift experiences for employees at 30 euro per person

Gift experiences are becoming more and more popular for companies in Romania, which have replaced the classic teambuildings or Christmas parties.

According to an internal survey of Complice.ro, 71% of employees feel more appreciated, and 43% feel more motivated when the classic gift offered by the employer is replaced by an experience.

The average for such an experience, usually given as a year-end bonus, is 30 euros, but the values ​​range from 17 to 100 euros per person and even more.

FlexiBox packages also have an increased adoption rate, which includes dozens of experiences from the most popular categories.

In the corporate segment, FlexiBoxes are customized according to the client’s budget.

In fact, more than 50% of the FlexiBox packages purchased in 2021 were intended for customers in the corporate segment.

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