Astaldi signed a contract worth EUR 356 million in Romania

Astaldi signed a contract worth EUR 356 million for the construction of more than 30 kilometres of the Sibiu-Pitesti Motorway, the most important section under construction in Romania.

It is an EPC contract and concerns the design and construction of Lot 5 of the Sibiu-Pitesti Motorway, from Km 92+600 to Km 122+950. The planned duration of the works is 60 months, 12 months of which for design and 48 months for construction.

The contract is financed partly with EU funds (85%) and partly with the State budget (15%) and includes the adjustment of contract prices starting from the date of the submission of the bid.

Moreover, an advance payment is envisaged in the contract, both at the start of the design phase and at the start of the construction.

The Customer is CNAIR, a state-owned company under the responsibility of the Romania’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for which Astaldi is currently engaged, among others, in the construction of the Braila Bridge, a suspension bridge over the Danube of approximately 2 kilometres in length with more than 23 kilometres of connecting roads, as well as of approximately 20 kilometres of the Ogra–Campia Turzii Motorway (Lot 2).

Astaldi in Romania represents a consolidated business reality since 1991.

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