ALRO Group reports higher sales, by 27%, in 1-3Q 2021

ALRO announces today its consolidated financial results for the nine months ended 30 September 2021.

The Group’s turnover increased by 27% (1-3Q 2021: RON 2.5 billion vs. Q1-Q3 2020: RON 2 billion).

Net result for the period was a loss of RON 25 million (1-3Q 2020: a net profit of RON 273 million), while the operating result (EBIT) was RON 164 million.

The price of aluminium continued its upward trend and reached an average of 2,384 USD/tonne in 1-3Q 2021, up by 751 USD/tonne compared to the similar period of 2020.

The Primary Aluminium Division reported increased production quantities by 9% in 1-3Q 2021 vs. 1-3Q 2020 and 14% higher in 3Q 2021 vs. 3Q 2020.

The same upward trend was recorded by the Processed Aluminium Division, by 13% higher in 1-3Q 2021 vs. 1-3Q 2020 and by 31% higher in 3Q 2021 vs. 3Q 2020.

However, during the analysed period, the good performance of the aluminium industry has been partially offset by the soaring prices for raw materials and utilities.

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