Almost 1 in 5 Romanians say they are unable to save any money

Almost 1 in 5 Romanians (20%) say they are unable to save anything, while 53% save less than 500 lei a month, and 10% manage to put aside at least 1.000 lei per month, according to a Revolut poll.

44% of respondents say they have one or more deposit accounts in digital, traditional banks or a combination of the two, while 13% have opened deposit accounts exclusively in digital banks.

A percent of 53% of Romanians say they also make investments of a different nature (for example cryptocurrencies, shares, ETFs, Money Market funds, etc.). In general, 55% of Romanians consider them a valid way of saving.

Thus, 14% think of using them to obtain liquidity for when they retire, 13% use them to have income for projects or personal expenses, 12% for the kids’ education, another 6% for finance a personal business.

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