A whooping 65 percent of Romanians do not have emergency funds

If they were to run out of income, 65% of Romanians would not be able to cover their expenses for even a week, and almost half (46%) of the population do not make savings, according to KRUK.

29 percent of Romanians never plan their budget, and 30% can afford to buy only what is strictly necessary, the study shows. However, 10% of the population cannot afford basic expenses.

If they had a large amount of money, 14% of Romanians would not save at all. Most (33%) would deposit the money at the bank or invest in real estate (11%), 5% would open a business, and only 2% would be willing to invest on the stock exchange.

In terms of priorities, the majority of respondents first pay their utilities and services (98%), then the usual household purchases (95%), the health expenditure (95%), and instalments (88%).

The good news is that the average amount saved by those who manage to put money aside has increased to lei 1.314 in 2023 (lei 960 in 2021, lei 1.125 in 2022).

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