7 out of 10 Romanian online stores are interested in shipping abroad

Online retailers target for expansion European countries where large communities of Romanians have developed

More than 70% of Romanian online stores are considering expanding their sales area outside the country, according to an analysis carried out by Packeta.

Predominantly, most cross-border deliveries from Romania reach Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, and Poland, focusing on areas with large Romanian communities.

However, shipments are also made to other countries. Currently, the fashion segment ranks among the top preferences for customers ordering from abroad – a significant change, as IT&C had previously dominated.

Packeta Group, present in the Romanian market since 2017. The company aims to facilitate the logistics process for sellers and online stores through multiple delivery services without imposing pick-up locations and times on end customers.

Polish Group Packeta has an extensive network of over 16,000 own pick-up points or lockers, and another 139,000 partner pick-up points and lockers across Europe. It is present in Romania since 2017.

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