65% of Romanian employees consider their office to be only partially safe for health

Over 65% of Romanian employees consider that their office is only partially safe for health, and 17.1% say that it is too little or not at all safe, a Genesis Property survey found.

Only 17.5% believe that the headquarters of the company they work for is very safe for health. In this context, employees want more sanitary measures so that the building where they work becomes ”healthy” in anticipation of a full return to the office.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, employees who worked in an ”unhealthy” office say they have sometimes experienced a reduced ability to concentrate (65.7%).

Even more, they had lower performance (61.8%) and also experienced symptoms such as headache (57.9%) or drowsiness (45.8%). For nearly three-quarters of respondents, a healthy building protects people’s health through complex sanitary measures.

More than two-thirds believe that the health of a building is primarily based on air and water filtration systems.

The main elements for the health of a building are ventilation and air quality (84.9%), natural light (80.1%), temperature level (65.3%), noise level (63.7%) and amount of dust in the air.

Most employees believe that more safety and protection measures are needed to feel safe in the building where they work. This include a rapid and efficient emergency response protocols (75.31%), installation of water and air filtration systems to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria (76.69%).

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