45% of employees expect a full return to office life after the pandemic

After the pandemic, 45% of employees expect to completely return to office life, similar to how it was before Covid-19.

Almost 35% of employees who participated in a survey initiated by Genesis Property believe that the working model of the future is hybrid.

Only one in five employees believe they will work more from home in the future.

To maintain a good balance between work and home life, 31.9% of the surveyed Romanian employees want to work only from the office after the pandemic.

Another 36.2% want to come to the company’s headquarters 3-4 days a week and only 9.4% consider working from home 100% of the time to be more adequate for the future.

Flexibility, balance and efficiency, the main benefits of the hybrid model

For 54.3% of employees, the hybrid work model means flexibility and independence in their professional activity.

51.5% claim that it has a major role in maintaining the balance between personal and professional life.

At the same time, 39.5% say that this way they can optimize their time and resources and 38.3% admit that they have worked more efficiently using this system in the past year.

Last but not least, 26.2% say that hybrid work helps them avoid psycho-emotional health problems that can occur when working only from home.

The Genesis Property survey regarding employees’ perception of the future of work and the return to the office was conducted in February-March 2021 on a total sample of 1,183 internet users across Romania.

Almost 59% of the participants are women, approximately 60% are aged between 25 and 40 and 9 out of 10 are full-time employees.

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